WMS Built For 2019

Loxodo is warehouse management made for today: simple, capable, and robust.

Enable your team with the software that will make the difference on your bottom line.

What is Loxodo?

LOXODO delivers the future of warehouse and logistics management software by letting the software run the complex, so your team can run the business through a modern and simplified UI.

Designed and developed using the latest technologies, leveraging the power, stability, and scalability of the Public Cloud platform, Loxodo brings Tier 1 solution capabilities to small-to-midsize enterprises. 

Robust web service based APIs for integration to ERP and best of breed Transportation Management, EDI and other Supply Chain solutions.


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WMS Built for 2019

While working with hundreds of ERP clients, we have seen and heard the challenges, struggles, and frustrations faced by small-to-midsize enterprises. They are working to stay ahead of the accelerating demands of customers, regulations and industry and the old processes and software solutions of the past just no longer make sense.

Small-to-midsize businesses require more efficiency and transparency throughout their supply chain.

Is your business ready to run on a modern, intuitive and powerful software platform built from the ground up with the latest technology solutions?

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